My idea of a Little Free Library


A little free library is a small collection of books shared by an individual with whomever may stumble upon the collection. The purpose behind the little free library was to exchange good books and to bring people together. Little free libraries also fought illiteracy. Measuring about two cubic feet in space, only a small selection could fit inside. Still, by allowing access to even the select few books, people were more likely to read because they were more likely to have books available to them.

In my personal little free library, the collection would be different from the normal contents of a free little library. Mine would consist of fishing tackle. Everything from lures to fishing line and even small, collapsable fishing poles would be available for patrons. Anyone would be allowed to use the materials inside, provided they returned them when they were done. Donations would be accepted to start the library and to continue it’s growth. When the library becomes too full, I will put the extra tackle out for anyone to keep if they desired.

Being oriented towards fishing, I would build this collection near a public lake or river. This would encourage citizens to use the library. With this placement, many of the users would be people who would enjoy this type of library as people who have access to a larger body of water are more likely to fish. In addition, people who may have always wanted to go fishing but have not had the proper equipment would be able to fish for the first time.

In addition to fishing tackle, I would include information about different fish species and how aquatic ecosystems work. This information would come from the DNR. Included would be information on what fish are acceptable to keep and which need be be returned to the water. Guides on setting up and using different equipment would also be readily available, as the goal of this little free library is not only to provide fishermen with tackle, but to also teach people how to fish responsibly.

Not much technology would be needed for this library. The only thing that I would use technology for would be displaying the information afore mentioned. I would put a small tv screen in the back of the library. On this screen the information from the DNR and tutorial on proper use of the fishing tackle would be running on a loop with the patron being able to select which of the two videos he or she would like to view.

Unfortunately, due to the limited size of the allotted space, not very many fishing poles would fit in the structure. If the box were bigger, I would be able to include not only a larger quantity of poles, but also, a better selection of poles. The problem with collapsable poles is that they are not very structurally sound. These poles would be unable to reel in the “big one” so to speak. This would limit users of this little free library to only catching smaller fish unless that had their own rod and were only using the lures supplied.

Either way, the end result is still the same. My personal little free library, filled to the top with fishing tackle, would provide patrons the ability to explore nearby waters for fish and learn more about how those fish impact, and are impacted by, humans.


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