About Me

My name is Andrew Michael Vivian. I was born and raised in Memphis, Michigan. Memphis is only one square mile with just over 1200 citizens, so everybody knew everybody else. Because of this, I learned at a very young age that you cannot get away with anything so instead of causing trouble, I spent most of my time focusing on my education. I graduated from Memphis High School in May of 2015 with over a 4.0 GPA. I am currently a second year at Saginaw Valley State University. I am studying to obtain my bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering. I am also triple minoring in math, chemistry, and biology. I would like to attend Michigan State’s College of Osteopathic Medicine for graduate school. I hope to one day become an Osteopathic Doctor (D.O.). Since medical school is extremely competitive, I need a high GPA so I make sure to put in a lot of effort and always give 100%.

In my spare time, I like to be active. Some of my favorite activities are playing soccer and basketball. I live on campus and have many friends who are willing to play with me, so sports are a go-to stress reliever. Relieving stress is crucial for me not only because of my heavy course load, but also because of my job. I am a resident assistant here on campus in Living Center Southwest. As part of my job, I manage conflicts between 45+ residents, in addition to handling other stressful situations. My hope is that my position as a resident assistant will provide me with useful experiences pertaining to interactions with people that I can transfer into my future position as an Osteopathic doctor. As an Osteopathic doctor, I want to be able to help people live their best lives and be as happy and healthy as possible. Ideally I would live in a small town and I would be very involved in the community both through my job and through everyday interactions with those who live there with me.


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