Honors 292 03: A Review of the Semester

At the beginning of the semester, I was really worried. I was sure that I was going to hate this class. All I knew going in was that it was about libraries; or so I thought. I walked through the door on the first day and sat down in one of my favorite spots. I like the second row in the middle because I can pay attention easily without having to sit in the front row. Only nerds or people who are late on the first day sit in the front row.

As weeks passed I began to understand what this “library” class was actually about, at least to me. I began to really enjoy my class on perspective. Specifically, I really enjoyed talking about space and the interactions within that space. The first project I did for this class was about space. Kolby Smith and I created a blueprint of our own medical library which we called the Medihex (Link at the bottom). The Medihex was all about the use of space and how the patrons interacted with it. It even touched on how power is associated with space.

Our final project was similar except on a much larger scale. For our fourth and final project, the whole class worked together to create a popup library on campus. We took a small little area in front of the campus library and we constructed our own library. We split up different aspects of the project into different groups. As part of the executive group I had to make sure that our library was ready to go come opening time and one of the biggest aspects I had to look after was how the space was utilized. I had to make sure that the vestibule we were in was effectively influencing how the people passing through it felt, and while each person’s perspective influenced their thoughts on the space, it was the space that created those thoughts in the first place. (Link Below)

While this class has impacted me in many different ways, the biggest was, by far, how I view space and the interactions between space and people. I will never look at space the same way again, and now I know the real reason I like sitting in the second row. It satisfies my need to effectively use the space and provides me with the optimal  opportunity for interaction with those around me.



Medihex Link:


Popup Library Link:



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